Lemonade Sativa Sweet Stones Are Great !

Lemonade Sativa Sweet Stones Are Great !

Lemonade sativa sweet stones are great tasting and deliver what they promise. So these lemonade sweet stones were purchased at ZEN Leaf in Las Vegas. They are a marijuana dispensary at Flamingo and Jones ave. They are a very reasonable priced dispensary and offer a great selection of products.  The store is very clean and full of help full people to assist you in choosing your weed products. Zen Leaf offers vape pens, edibles and a host or other products to meet your expectations.

The lemonade weed candy is less than $20.00 for 10 pieces of candy containing THC. I use the candy pot edibles as a way to relax. The edibles take about 45 minutes to work. After that I can always count on a mellow mood. In fact, if you take a sativa lemonade sativa candy before you go to bed. You will have a great night’s rest. These little potent candies really put you out and help you sleep.

Lemonade Sativa Sweet Stones Are Cheap.

Zen Leaf sells these lemonade sativa candy for about $20.00. So they come in a pack of 10 so that is about $1.60 a candy. The THC in the candy is 10mg. So that is the perfect amount to give you a mellow mood. It is a great bargain. The Zen Leaf also offer many other marijuana infused candy edibles at very good prices.

The minimum age for purchasing marijuana in the State of Nevada is 21 years old. The dispensary will check your identification at the door and is very strict on that guideline. These dispensaries make a lot of money and they will not sell to underage consumers.

There are many dispensaries in Las Vegas. So these dispensaries all offer different products and have sales on their merchandise. Shop around for the best prices.


Smoking Marijuana on The Las Vegas Strip Is Illegal

Vegas Smokiez Marijuana Sour Watermelon Edible

Smoking Weed, Pot or Marijuana on The Las Vegas Strip is illegal. In Las Vegas, Nevada

Smoking marijuana on the famous Las Vegas Strip is illegal. While medical and recreational marijuana possession is permitted for those over 21 years of age.  But that does not allow for consumption of weed or pot in public places. The Police dept will enforce this law.  And you will end up with a ticket. So consumption of pot in casino hotel rooms also constitutes a violation of law. So whether you get a ticket or not is something else. Because the Las Vegas casinos are regulated by the Nevada Gaming Board. Because they do not want marijuana consumption on gambling facilities.

Smoking Marijuana On The Las Vegas Strip Is Illegal And May Result in a $600 fine.

It is not legal to consume marijuana or pot in public in Nevada. Under the law you may smoke weed or marijuana (i.e., edibles) on private property.  So which in the spirit of the law is meant to be your own home or at another private residence. With the permission of the responsible party.
It is legal to possess up to one ounce of weed for personal use.  It’s legal to smoke pot for recreational purposes within your own home.  It is not legal to smoke pot or consume weed in public.   So recent attempts by city council to license weed lounges has been pushed back for two years. So ordered by Nevada Governor Sisolak.
Many tourists do smoke marijuana in public after looking about for the Police. So you cannot walk around the Las Vegas strip without smelling pot in the air. Many people are smoking pot and using edibles in public.  But are subjecting themselves to law enforcement action. it is tempting because there are so many wonderful pot dispensary facilities in Las Vegas. The marijuana dispensaries are all over Las Vegas. Some are actually on the Las Vegas strip.  And just a block or so off the main drag.  So have fun in Las Vegas and be careful.
Is Recreational Weed Next For Alabama ?

Is Recreational Weed Next For Alabama ?

Is recreational weed next for Alabama ?  So on May 21st, 2021 Gov Ivey signed into law allowing medical marijuana to be sold. Also its only natural to look farther down the road. And see that recreational weed is next for Alabama. So the Governor is putting together all the pieces. Also that medical marijuana can be sold. So think about it.  Additionally weed standards need to be made.  So the following questions need to be answered.

  1. Who is going to get the marijuana licenses ?
  2. What will be the Doctor’s training. So as to authorize medical marijuana ?
  3. Where is the tax revenue from sales going ? So who gets the money ?
  4. What will be the training for law enforcement. Because they need training.
  5. What weed form will be sold. Because there are many weed forms.
  6. etc.

What will be the Doctor’s training For Recreational Weed For Alabama ?

For medical doctors to be able to recommend cannabis to patients. So they need the following. Complete a four-hour continuing education course. Pass an exam. The course would cost up to of $500. So Medical doctors would also be required to take refresher courses. Also every two years so they can prescribe marijuana.

What qualifies a patient to get medical marijuana ?

Under the legislation approved by Alabama’s state legislature. Patients would have to be medically diagnosed. Also, with one of about 20 conditions. So the conditions include anxiety. Depression and Sleep disorders. So also on the list is Post-traumatic stress disorder and pain. As if we do not all have lots of anxiety in today’s world. The best thing to do is contact your local Medical Marijuana Doctor. They will see if your symptoms fall in to one of those groups so you can receive Cannabis Treatment.

  • Cancer-related weight loss. chronic pain. nausea or vomiting. Also cachexia.

  • Crohn’s Disease.
  • Epilepsy.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Sickle Cell Anemia.

  • HIV/AIDS-related nausea or weight loss.
  • Panic disorder.

  • Parkinson’s disease.

  • Persistent nausea that has not been alleviated by more common treatments.So that is not caused by pregnancy or marijuana use

  • Spasticity related to a spinal cord injury. MS. ALS or some other motor neuron disease

  • A terminal illness.

  • Tourette’s Syndrome

  • Medical weed approved. So recreational weed is the next logical step.  Also please support the right for everybody to use cannabis


N.J. May Extend August deadline for towns to decide if they want Recreational weed business

N.J. May Extend August deadline for towns to decide if they want Recreational weed business. The deadline is here to decide. They will welcome or block future legal marijuana businesses, a state lawmaker wants to Extend the Deadline by 60 days.
Marijuana, Weed, Pot on The Recreational weed business.

Marijuana, Weed, Pot on The Recreational weed business.

Assemblyman Christopher Tully, D-Bergen, Recently introduced a bill  that gives local elected officials an Extra 60 days beyond August’s deadline to enact an ordinance either Allowing or banning Recreational Weed Business and cannabis Stores and Dispensaries from opening in their Towns. As of now the NJ Governor made a Law for local Governments who take no action by the deadline. They would have to abide by a set of rules for five years. The law was written this way in order to allow the Massive Marijuana industry more Chances for Success.

Edmund DeVeaux, An Officer of the NJ CannaBusiness Association, endorsed this legislation. Absent state rules regulating the industry, which are also due on Aug. 21. Who Stated “The one thing that has been clear since February of this year has been the confusion over municipal guidelines in the emerging cannabis economy”. And “The NJCBA is in conversations with several communities as to how to best deal with the looming opt-in/opt-out deadline. Supporting the extension is one more way the NJCBA supports municipalities in ensuring the state develops a responsible, sustainable, diverse, and profitable cannabis industry”.

State Legislature Need to move fast if they wanted to Place the bill in Law. Lawmakers had until the end of June to hold hearings, vote on it and send it to Gov. Murphy before the Legislature Went on recess.

Sea Isle, Brick Town and Bridge Water are among the towns that have banned The Recreational Weed Business and Marijuana sales.  Other communities have said they are opting to block Pot businesses until the state Cannabis Regulatory Commission releases a set of rules use to regulate the new market.



Lemonade Sativa Sweet Stones Are Great !

Birmingham Alabama Medical Marijuana Dispensary

 Birmingham Alabama medical Marijuana dispensary  will allow a medical marijuana/pot store. So, with your medical marijuana card, you can locate the closest pot dispensary near you. The Alabama state medical marijuana bill  ( AKA. Compassion Act ) will allow for 27 different medical marijuana / weed locations in the state. So weed will not be too far from you. Because Birmingham Alabama medical Marijuana dispensary needs to be close by for medically ill patients. There are many qualifying medical conditions. Qualifying medical conditions will be pain. sickle cell anemia, epilepsy, AIDS, etc that can be found at www.marijuanaweedpot.com . So take a look at the site to help you understand what conditions qualify you for medical marijuana use.

When is Birmingham Alabama Medical Marijuana Dispensary be Open ?

The Alabama Governor Ivey will be setting up a  marijuana commission so as to help facilitate marijuana sales and products. Once established, Alabama Medical Weed Dispensary Near Me will help you find a dispensary close to you and hopefully recreational marijuana will follow. Many other states enjoy medical and recreational weed dispensaries, so why can’t Alabama !

Alabama Medical Doctors will need training

Doctors will be getting training in marijuana/weed prescriptions. Doctors will pay a license fee. Medical clinics will be able to sell only certain marijuana products to medical patients. Patients will not be able to vape, use edibles, candies, etc.

What Tax Revenue is Alabama / Birmingham going To Get ? 

There would be a 9% tax on gross sales of medical marijuana products. Businesses licensed to be part of the marijuana industry would pay an annual medical cannabis/marijuana privilege license tax. Tax revenue goes to program costs, Alabama general fund and Medical Cannabis Research Fund. Alabama will make more revenue when it allows recreational Marijuana sales to the general public and tourists. Three reasons to go to Alabama, recreational marijuana, Alabama football and Auburn football.

Advocate for your right of choice to use weed. Contact your local and state politicians so that your voice can be heard loud and clear that you want recreational marijuana as a choice. It is your right.

Alabama Recreational Weed Next ?

Alabama Recreational Weed Next ?

 Alabama recreational weed maybe coming soon for everybody ( 21+ ) to enjoy. Alabama Governor Ivey took the first step in making marijuana legal. He signed The Medical Marijuana into law. On May 17th, Governor Ivey signed medical weed into law. Once the infrastructure for the medical marijuana dispensaries are in place, Alabama recreational weed will be next.  The Alabama Democratic Party supports the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medical use in Alabama. Majority Of Democrats and smart Republicans in the state legislature, recreational marijuana is bound to be next.

What Are The Experts Saying ?

Ivy League Professor Dr. Gripsoon states “94 percent of Americans support legal access to medical marijuana, including majorities of democrats, independents and republicans,”  Given this fact, why can’t we have recreational marijuana in Alabama ? People enjoy weed. The  weed business model is working very well in other states that have medical and recreational pot. Alabama can simply copy their business model and make the people happy. The legalization of weed will also bring in badly needed tax revenue for social programs, Schools and low income housing.

Recreational marijuana is currently illegal in the state of Alabama. There are fines and possible jail time for the possession and use of cannabis. If marijuana is supported by so many people, including people in all political parties, why can’t recreational marijuana be legalized ? With most states legalizing medical marijuana as a start, recreational marijuana tends to follow after social acceptance. With the use of medical pot, infrastructure for weed needs to be in effect. Police need additional training to be able to identify impaired drivers. More Doctors  train for medical procedures.

The first step to recreational pot legalized So Medical Use has to be first. Other states are doing it, why can’t Alabama copy their business model and do it as well. The final step with Pot becoming legal has to happen federally. Once there is Federal Legalization we will see the black market finally disappear. This will cause weed pricing to drop so the illegal business from weed and pot will not last.