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Smoking Weed, Pot or Marijuana on The Las Vegas Strip is illegal. In Las Vegas, Nevada

Smoking marijuana on the famous Las Vegas Strip is illegal. While medical and recreational marijuana possession is permitted for those over 21 years of age.  But that does not allow for consumption of weed or pot in public places. The Police dept will enforce this law.  And you will end up with a ticket. So consumption of pot in casino hotel rooms also constitutes a violation of law. So whether you get a ticket or not is something else. Because the Las Vegas casinos are regulated by the Nevada Gaming Board. Because they do not want marijuana consumption on gambling facilities.

Smoking Marijuana On The Las Vegas Strip Is Illegal And May Result in a $600 fine.

It is not legal to consume marijuana or pot in public in Nevada. Under the law you may smoke weed or marijuana (i.e., edibles) on private property.  So which in the spirit of the law is meant to be your own home or at another private residence. With the permission of the responsible party.
It is legal to possess up to one ounce of weed for personal use.  It’s legal to smoke pot for recreational purposes within your own home.  It is not legal to smoke pot or consume weed in public.   So recent attempts by city council to license weed lounges has been pushed back for two years. So ordered by Nevada Governor Sisolak.
Many tourists do smoke marijuana in public after looking about for the Police. So you cannot walk around the Las Vegas strip without smelling pot in the air. Many people are smoking pot and using edibles in public.  But are subjecting themselves to law enforcement action. it is tempting because there are so many wonderful pot dispensary facilities in Las Vegas. The marijuana dispensaries are all over Las Vegas. Some are actually on the Las Vegas strip.  And just a block or so off the main drag.  So have fun in Las Vegas and be careful.