Las Vegas Smokiez Edibles Candy

Las Vegas Smokiez Edibles Candy

Las Vegas Smokiex edible candy is available at certain weed dispensaries in Las Vegas. So one of the local pot dispensaries Cultivate had a special on them. You could purchase 3 packs of Smokiez edibles in different flavors in the $30 range. That is a smokin deal !

The Smokiez candy edibles come in a pack of 10. The Smokiez website describes it as :

CBD:CBG Gummiez – 250mg CBD:100mg CBG, 10 Piece

All I know is that they work great. These Smokiez gummiez are very relaxing. I have trouble sleeping and taking one of these makes me fall asleep about 45 minutes after usage. If I take two of the edibles they get me going.

Are Las Vegas Smokiez Edible Candy Expensive ?

So like I wrote, I was able to purchase three packs of Smokiez candies for under $40.00 at the Cultivate marijuana dispensary on Spring Mountain. I chose three different flavors and they all tasted very good. That work out to slightly over $1.00 a candy. A great investment and at a low cost. There are many other pot dispensaries in Sin City that offer a variety of products. The tourists love to come to Las Vegas and enjoy the gambling and entertainment. So not to mention the many dispensaries that are close to the Las Vegas strip corridor. So just North of the famous strip ( north of the Sahara Ave ) there are dispensaries. Also in walking distance there are dispensaries off spring Mountain and on streets to the east and west of the strip.

Las Vegas is a great place to come vacation. There is always so much to do. Now with all the dispensaries there is another thing everybody can do as well. So come to Las Vegas Nevada and enjoy all the attributes that this fine city has. Recreational marijuana is legal and enjoy yourself in moderation.

Las Vegas Smokiez Edibles Candy

Las Vegas Smokiez Edibles

Las Vegas Smokiez edibles can be found at Las Vegas dispensaries. There are more and more dispensaries popping up in Las Vegas with some big money behind them. The new dispensaries are buying out old dispensaries and rebranding the dispensary. So these companies purchasing dispensaries and opening new ones are nationwide chains. So it is all good.  Because they offer a very large assortment of weed and pot edibles and smoke. Many times the larger chains can offer some spectacular pricing on products. Because they buy in bulk and can offer better deals.

Where Do I Buy Las Vegas Smokiez Edibles ?

So the Cultivate Dispensary in Vegas is one such chain. So this chain of marijuana dispensaries offer daily deals on edibles and smoke. They have a vary wide array of merchandise. So you can always find what you are looking for. Sometimes there deals are just FANTASTIC !  Recently the Cultivate Dispensary on Spring Mountain ( Near the Strip ) offered 3 bags of Smokiez edibles for $38.00.

So of course for the pure purpose of writing this blog we had to purchase 3 bags of edibles to try them out. Sometimes work is tough and you just have to do it. The Cultivate Dispensary offers a wide assortment of flavors in the Smokiez edibles. It is actually quite impressive how many flavors they offer compared to the Smokiez product line.

The Smokiez edible candy are glutten free and create a nice mellow euphoria. I just use one to help me go to sleep. it takes about 40 minutes for it to take effect. But your results may differ.  If I take 2 of the Smokiez edibles it gets me going. Go figure ? I just use them as a sleep aid and they work so well for that use.

Contact your local Las Vegas marijuana dispensary for more information on this wonderful product.




Las Vegas Smokiez Edibles Candy

Smokiez Sour Peach Edibles in Las Vegas

Smokiez sour peach edibles taste great ! Recent purchases of Smokiez edibles have brought much pleasure. Cultivate dispensary in Las Vegas Nevada has a sale on them once in awhile. They offer 3 packages of Smokiez in the $30 range. Recently I purchased the sour peach flavor. So that was a good choice on my part.

I use the Smokiez sour peach edibles as a way to relax before I go to sleep. The edibles take about an hour to kick in. They help me sleep when they do. No more toss and turning trying to get to sleep. The taste of the gummie candy is fantastic. So you need to remember that these have THC in them and not to eat to many of them. One Smokies sour peach edible is good for me.

Smokiez Sour Peach Edibles Come in Many more Flavors

The high THC  marijuana edibles come in many different flavors.I am just partial to sour edibles. The edibles are a mainstay in Las Vegas dispensaries and they have a large choice of products. Besides edibles, there are many different types of marijuana products to choose from. The marijuana drinks are slowly coming into the dispensaries and I look forward to the day when you can go to one of the Vegas bars and drink a marijuana drink. As marijuana drink manufactures get on board there will be a much larger selection. So as the products get more popular the price will come down and bars will be serving the marijuana induced drinks.

Marijuana is taking hold in the United States. More and more states are legalizing it. So these states like the revenue stream they produce. Those states that have only medical marijuana are looking at recreational weed.  The cause is growing and it is just a matter of time that all states will legalize pot for its citizens


Is Recreational Weed Next For Alabama ?

Is Recreational Weed Next For Alabama ?

Is recreational weed next for Alabama ?  So on May 21st, 2021 Gov Ivey signed into law allowing medical marijuana to be sold. Also its only natural to look farther down the road. And see that recreational weed is next for Alabama. So the Governor is putting together all the pieces. Also that medical marijuana can be sold. So think about it.  Additionally weed standards need to be made.  So the following questions need to be answered.

  1. Who is going to get the marijuana licenses ?
  2. What will be the Doctor’s training. So as to authorize medical marijuana ?
  3. Where is the tax revenue from sales going ? So who gets the money ?
  4. What will be the training for law enforcement. Because they need training.
  5. What weed form will be sold. Because there are many weed forms.
  6. etc.

What will be the Doctor’s training For Recreational Weed For Alabama ?

For medical doctors to be able to recommend cannabis to patients. So they need the following. Complete a four-hour continuing education course. Pass an exam. The course would cost up to of $500. So Medical doctors would also be required to take refresher courses. Also every two years so they can prescribe marijuana.

What qualifies a patient to get medical marijuana ?

Under the legislation approved by Alabama’s state legislature. Patients would have to be medically diagnosed. Also, with one of about 20 conditions. So the conditions include anxiety. Depression and Sleep disorders. So also on the list is Post-traumatic stress disorder and pain. As if we do not all have lots of anxiety in today’s world. The best thing to do is contact your local Medical Marijuana Doctor. They will see if your symptoms fall in to one of those groups so you can receive Cannabis Treatment.

  • Cancer-related weight loss. chronic pain. nausea or vomiting. Also cachexia.

  • Crohn’s Disease.
  • Epilepsy.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Sickle Cell Anemia.

  • HIV/AIDS-related nausea or weight loss.
  • Panic disorder.

  • Parkinson’s disease.

  • Persistent nausea that has not been alleviated by more common treatments.So that is not caused by pregnancy or marijuana use

  • Spasticity related to a spinal cord injury. MS. ALS or some other motor neuron disease

  • A terminal illness.

  • Tourette’s Syndrome

  • Medical weed approved. So recreational weed is the next logical step.  Also please support the right for everybody to use cannabis