About Us

About Us

Www.marijuanaweedpot.com is a information site. We strive to keeps the readers informed about the growing cannabis market . ( marijuana ,weed or pot ) Each State is unique in its acceptance of medical and recreational marijuana. While some states already have medical and recreational marijuana, others do not.  We will also be looking into CBD oil (Cannabidiol ) and the claimed health benefits. Many CBD stores have opened up and a lot of great research is being conducted on CBD. The future looks promising for health benefits associated with CBD oil use.

States all have different laws regarding possession and purchasing marijuana. Also, the different states  will offer only certain weed products.  Some states do not allow gummie candies and pot brownies. Some states do not allow vape pens for vaping. As a consumer and law abiding citizen, you need to keep informed of the different laws and regulations. You should consult an attorney in the state you reside for all the facts. Do not rely upon blogs and websites since the laws are constantly changing. It would be nice to have uniform standards for marijuana use and purchases, but we are dealing with bureaucrats. 

There is talk about the United States Federal govt. legalizing marijuana / pot / weed.  But so far, that is just talk. It would be a great revenue source for the federal govt. The money could be spent on social programs to help the people and funding of projects that benefit everyone. Only time will tell.

We will do our best to keep you up to date and all the happenings in the marijuana industry. It is a lot of work and our blog has just begun. it will take time to grow and we at www.marijuanaweedpot.com hope that you will grow with us in this exciting field.




We will also be looking into CBD oils (Cannabidiol ) to explore the health benefits. The CBD field looks quite promising as more research is being conducted. The CBD oils have a bright future.





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