Alabama Medical Weed Dispensary Near Me.

Alabama Medical Weed Dispensary Near Me.

Alabama medical weed dispensary near me will allow you to find a medical marijuana/pot store. So, with your medical marijuana card, you can locate the closest pot dispensary near you. The Alabama state medical marijuana bill  ( AKA. Darren Wesley “Ato” Hall Compassion Act) will allow for 27 different medical weed locations in the state. So weed is not too far from you. Because Alabama medical weed dispensary needs to be close by for medically ill patients. There are several qualifying medical conditions. Qualifying medical conditions will be pain. sickle cell anemia, epilepsy,etc that can be found at . So take a look at the site to help you understand what conditions qualify you.

When is Alabama Medical Weed Dispensary Near Me be Open ?

The Alabama Governor will be setting up a commission so as to help facilitate marijuana sales. Once established, Alabama Medical Weed Dispensary Near Me will help you find a dispensary close to you and hopefully recreational marijuana will follow. Many other states enjoy medical and recreational weed dispensaries, so why can’t Alabama !

Medical Doctors will need training.

Doctors will be getting training in marijuana/weed prescriptions. Doctors will pay a license fee. Medical clinics will be able to sell only certain marijuana products to medical patients. Patients will not be able to vape, use edibles, candies, etc.

What Revenue is Alabama going To Get ? 

There would be a 9% tax on gross sales of medical marijuana products. Businesses licensed to be part of the marijuana industry would pay an annual medical cannabis/marijuana privilege license tax. Tax revenue goes to program costs, Alabama general fund and Medical Cannabis Research Fund. Alabama will make more revenue when it allows recreational Marijuana sales to the general public and tourists. Two reasons to go to Alabama, recreational marijuana and Alabama football.

Advocate for your rights to use weed. Contact your local  and state politician so that your voice can be heard loud and clear that you want recreational marijuana as a choice. It is your right.

When is Alabama To Legalize Recreational Marijuana ?

When is Alabama To Legalize Recreational Marijuana ?

When is Alabama going to legalize recreational marijuana ? It might be sooner than you expect. Medical marijuana has just been given the okay when Governor Ivey signed into law the medical marijuana bill allowing cannabis for medicinal purposes. With the vast majority of politicians in Alabama and across the United States wanted weed legalization, what took so long ? The people of Alabama want medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

What is the Next Step Towards Recreational Weed ? Once Alabama Governor Ivey signed into law the medical legalization, policies and procedures need to be put in place. Licensing, enforcement, education, revenue, etc all need to be discussed. In fact, a Board of Marijuana Commissioners is being put together for the implementation of these issues.This board of commissioners will be appointed and put in place in the year 2022.

Medical Marijuana  Bill Does Not Go Far Enough

The Alabama Medical Marijuana bill prohibits raw cannabis, smoking, vaping and candy or baked goods like pot brownies. The Patients then be allowed to purchase capsules, lozenges, oils, suppositories and topical patches. With recreational marijuana, vaping, edibles, smoking, and candy is allowed. These different pot products are very enjoyable to customers that indulge in marijuana. Other states that have legal marijuana, have these products for sale at their dispensaries and are very popular. In Las Vegas, one vendor sales marijuana seasoning for foods that add the taste of marijuana.

Tax Revenue For Marijuana.

Medical pot and recreational pot is a great source of tax revenue for cash strapped states. The money that pot brings in is used for many good purposes. Such as schools, medical, low income housing, social programs and many other worthwhile programs. Why states are not taking advantage of this is confusing. Especially with the majority of politicians and public wanting the ability to purchase marijuana in the forms of liquid, edibles, etc. When is Alabama going to legalize recreational marijuana ?


Alabama Recreational Pot Maybe Coming Soon !

Alabama Recreational Pot Maybe Coming Soon !

 Alabama recreational pot maybe coming soon for everybody ( 18+ ) to enjoy. Alabama Governor Ivey took the first step in making marijuana legal. He signed The Medical Marijuana into law. On May 17th, Governor Ivey signed medical weed into law. Once the infrastructure for the medical marijuana dispensaries are in place, Alabama recreational pot will be next.  The Alabama Democratic Party supports the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medical use in Alabama. Majority Of Democrats and smart Republicans in the state legislature, recreational marijuana is bound to be next.

What Do The Experts Say ?

Harvard Professor Dr. Peter Gripsoon states ” “94 percent of Americans support legal access to medical marijuana, including majorities of democrats, independents and republicans,”  Given this fact, why can’t we have recreational marijuana in Alabama for the people to enjoy. The business model is working very well in other states that have medical and recreational pot. Alabama can simply copy their business model and make the people happy. The legalization of weed will also bring in badly needed tax revenue for social programs, Schools and low income housing.

Recreational marijuana is currently illegal in the state of Alabama. There are fines along with possible jail time for the possession and use of cannabis. If marijuana is supported by so many people, including all political parties, why can’t recreational marijuana be legalized ? With most states legalizing medical marijuana as a start, recreational marijuana use tends to follow after acceptance. With the Use of medical pot, infrastructure for weed needs to be in effect. Police need additional training to be able to identify impaired drivers. More Doctors  train for medical procedures.

The first step to recreational pot legalized So Medical Use has to be first. Other states are doing it, why can’t Alabama copy their business model and do it as well. The final step with Pot becoming legal has to happen federally. Once there is Federal Legalization we will see the black market finally disappear. This will cause pricing to drop so the illegal business from weed and pot will not survive.




Medical Weed Coming To Alabama Soon.

Medical Weed Coming To Alabama Soon.

Medical Weed Coming to Alabama soon ! Governor Kay Ivey officially signed into law Alabama’s new medical marijuana law into effect. Alabama to be the 37th state to allow medical marijuana. This allows everyone to start smoking marijuana ( 18 and over ). The answer is no. Medical weed allowed for patients only. Doctors  Who care for such diseases as cancer, epilepsy, terminal illnesses, chronic pain, etc. You will need to see a licensed Doctor to get your medical marijuana card. Unfortunately, recreational weed is still not legal.  Police will continue to enforce the law against casual pot smokers.

Alabama Setting Up Infrastructure For Marijuana

Alabama is currently in the process of setting up the medical cannabis policies and procedures. They will be forming commissioners to oversee the growing medical and recreational marijuana industry. This is in order to make sure its policies are safe for its citizens. Their policies will set the standards for weed smokers. Medical dispensary license Issued and eventually ( hopefully ) the recreational pot dispensary licenses in Alabama. Alabama set up a 18 month time frame for medical weed licenses and work to be done before that. Doctors who prescribe medical marijuana need Standards. Background checks For people who intend to own a pot dispensary.

Once the medical weed is allowed, hopefully recreational weed will be allowed. The people of Alabama allowed to smoke, vape and eat medical edibles such as pot brownies, gummie bear pot candy, and other edibles. It seems that medical weed is the first step in the other states that has allowed for recreational pot to be legal.

Alabama is taking the right steps in allowing weed for its citizens. The next step is to allow all its citizens so they can participate in the indulgence of weed ! Go Bama.