Pot Gummy Bears Gave Me A Good Night’s Sleep

Pot Gummy bears gave me a good night’s sleep the other day. I was tired and could not sleep. So I took a THC induced gunny bear before I went to sleep. I took it about 45 minutes before I was going to lie down. So what great timing as it took about that length of time to take effect. So with so many dispensaries in Las Vegas it is like winter wonderland. Each of the Las Vegas dispensaries carry different types of gummy bears. The gunny bears come in a very wide assortment of flavors to match your desires. The THC infused gummy bears come with sativa or indica THC. The sativa gummy bears are thought to stimulate. While the indica gummy bears are designed for calmness and peace. I take the indica gummy bears for sleep purposes.

The Zen Leaf Dispensary Is a Good Place To Buy Pot Gummy Bears

I usually go to the Zen Leaf Dispensary in Las Vegas or the Cultivate Dispensary. Both these dispensaries offer discount and specials. If you shop and wait you can save a lot of money through there specials. Because of the many dispensaries in Las Vegas. There is finally competition to get your dollar. So as a result these dispensaries are offering special pricing all the time. The dispensaries are located all throughout the city of Las Vegas.

The Zen Dispensary on Flamingo and Jones in Las Vegas is always in pristine cleanliness condition. The dispensary workers are very helpful and knowledgeable . So they will answer your questions truthfully and with your best interest at heart.  And make sure you get the right marijuana product for your recreation. The Zen dispensary offers both recreational and medical use pot. You will need to have a marijuana medical card for medical marijuana sales. So just ask the dispensary people and they will direct you in the right direction for a medical doctor medical marijuana card.

Las Vegas Casino Marijuana Smoking is Illegal

Las Vegas Casino Marijuana Smoking is Illegal

Las Vegas casino marijuana smoking is illegal. Even though the Great State of Nevada has legalized recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. The consumption of cannabis is regulated by the State of Nevada. The State of Nevada does not want people walking around Las Vegas in the open smoking dope. So that only makes sense. After all, we regulate the consumption of alcohol while in public and driving.

The casinos are a major draw for the public and tourists. The tourists love to walk the famous Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Fremont Experience. It turns out if you have a room at one of these casinos you still cannot smoke marijuana or ingest cannabis. The Las Vegas casinos are regulation by the Nevada Gaming Commission. So a casino or gambling facility can lose their gambling license for allowing the consumption of marijuana products on their property.

Las Vegas Casino Marijuana Smoking Can Get You Cited

Do casinos turn their face when they come across marijuana smokers ? The truth is that both security and the Police will look the other way and ask you to put it out. So after all they want everybody to have a good time. But they can cite you and ask you to leave the premises. So if you do get caught, please be nice. So an ounce of kindness goes a long way in Las Vegas.

There are many marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas. Some of them are walking distance from the Las Vegas strip casinos. There is also talk of opening clubs where you can smoke marijuana legally. the state of Nevada is a liberal state and gives you many rights. So there is much fun and adventure in Las Vegas. Enjoy Las Vegas and take advantage of all the fun and thrills to be had.


Las Vegas Casino Marijuana Smoking is Illegal

Zen Leaf Dispensary in Las Vegas

Zen Leaf dispensary in Las Vegas is a great marijuana dispensary to shop at. They offer a wide arrange of marijuana products at very reasonable prices. The company is located in several states and has online ordering available. The website has educational information on it.

So what I like about the website and dispensary is they have all their products listed on the site and update it regularly. The website will even have specials on products they have on sale. I recently purchased some THC infused lemon drops that were absolutely cheap and effective.

The Zen Dispensary on Flamingo and Jones is very clean. The workers are very helpful and friendly . So they will answer your questions honestly.  And make sure you get the right product for your needs. The Zen dispensary offers both recreational and medical use marijuana. You will need a marijuana medical card for medical marijuana. So just ask the dispensary personnel and they will direct you in the right direction for a medical marijuana card.

Zen Leaf Dispensary in Las Vegas Offers Many Different Types of Products

The Zen Dispensary offers edibles, vape pens, flower and many other types of marijuana. They also offer many different types of weed strains such as sativa and indica.

Millions of tourist come to Las Vegas every year for fun and events. There are hundreds of conventions and trade shows that bring people to Vegas. The biggest and best conventions and trade shows from all over the world take place in Las Vegas. These events attract the biggest companies displaying the newest technology and gadgetry. Many of the participants of these events indulge in recreational marijuana. So Las Vegas offers them a variety of pot dispensaries to choose from. In fact, many dispensaries in Vegas have drive through windows and offer delivery service.

Give one of the Las Vegas dispensaries a call today and see how they can help you.



Las Vegas Casino Marijuana Smoking is Illegal

Lemonade Sativa Sweet Stones Are Great !

Lemonade sativa sweet stones are great tasting and deliver what they promise. So these lemonade sweet stones were purchased at ZEN Leaf in Las Vegas. They are a marijuana dispensary at Flamingo and Jones ave. They are a very reasonable priced dispensary and offer a great selection of products.  The store is very clean and full of help full people to assist you in choosing your weed products. Zen Leaf offers vape pens, edibles and a host or other products to meet your expectations.

The lemonade weed candy is less than $20.00 for 10 pieces of candy containing THC. I use the candy pot edibles as a way to relax. The edibles take about 45 minutes to work. After that I can always count on a mellow mood. In fact, if you take a sativa lemonade sativa candy before you go to bed. You will have a great night’s rest. These little potent candies really put you out and help you sleep.

Lemonade Sativa Sweet Stones Are Cheap.

Zen Leaf sells these lemonade sativa candy for about $20.00. So they come in a pack of 10 so that is about $1.60 a candy. The THC in the candy is 10mg. So that is the perfect amount to give you a mellow mood. It is a great bargain. The Zen Leaf also offer many other marijuana infused candy edibles at very good prices.

The minimum age for purchasing marijuana in the State of Nevada is 21 years old. The dispensary will check your identification at the door and is very strict on that guideline. These dispensaries make a lot of money and they will not sell to underage consumers.

There are many dispensaries in Las Vegas. So these dispensaries all offer different products and have sales on their merchandise. Shop around for the best prices.


Las Vegas Casino Marijuana Smoking is Illegal

Las Vegas Strip Cannabis Smoking is Illegal

Las Vegas strip cannabis smoking is illegal. In fact any open usage of marijuana products such as edibles or marijuana drinks is illegal on the Las Vegas strip. So many tourists find themselves in trouble with the Police Dept. if they are caught sing marijuana on the strip. Also being under the influence of marijuana can get you into trouble. So fortunately the Las Vegas Police are tolerant.  And many times will let you off with a warning. Las Vegas is a tourist town and these tourists support our economy. So Las Vegas police officers have a wide discretion as to what they have to ticket and arrest for.

Possession Of Marijuana is Legal In Southern Nevada Even Though Las Vegas Strip Cannabis Smoking Is Not

Possession up to one ounce of pot is legal in Las Vegas. Buying the marijuana is simple. Because marijuana dispensaries are everywhere in Las Vegas.  Just north on the Las Vegas strip their are weed dispensaries that offer you a wide choice of marijuana products. So in fact many dispensaries are just a short walking distance from the famous Vegas strip.

The marijuana products are designed to use at your residence. In the comfort of your own home. It is illegal to smoke or use marijuana products in your car while traveling. So it is also illegal to use marijuana products in the Las Vegas casino hotel rooms. The casinos frown upon marijuana usage in the casinos.  Because the casinos are regulated by the Nevada Gaming Board. The casinos could find themselves in trouble with the Gaming Board if they allowed marijuana usage on the property. There Nevada Gaming license would be at risk.

Contact the local Police Dept. for more information. Also the local Nevada dispensaries are familiar with the laws and will help you out with their knowledge.