Medical Weed Coming to Alabama soon ! Governor Kay Ivey officially signed into law Alabama’s new medical marijuana law into effect. Alabama to be the 37th state to allow medical marijuana. This allows everyone to start smoking marijuana ( 18 and over ). The answer is no. Medical weed allowed for patients only. Doctors  Who care for such diseases as cancer, epilepsy, terminal illnesses, chronic pain, etc. You will need to see a licensed Doctor to get your medical marijuana card. Unfortunately, recreational weed is still not legal.  Police will continue to enforce the law against casual pot smokers.

Alabama Setting Up Infrastructure For Marijuana

Alabama is currently in the process of setting up the medical cannabis policies and procedures. They will be forming commissioners to oversee the growing medical and recreational marijuana industry. This is in order to make sure its policies are safe for its citizens. Their policies will set the standards for weed smokers. Medical dispensary license Issued and eventually ( hopefully ) the recreational pot dispensary licenses in Alabama. Alabama set up a 18 month time frame for medical weed licenses and work to be done before that. Doctors who prescribe medical marijuana need Standards. Background checks For people who intend to own a pot dispensary.

Once the medical weed is allowed, hopefully recreational weed will be allowed. The people of Alabama allowed to smoke, vape and eat medical edibles such as pot brownies, gummie bear pot candy, and other edibles. It seems that medical weed is the first step in the other states that has allowed for recreational pot to be legal.

Alabama is taking the right steps in allowing weed for its citizens. The next step is to allow all its citizens so they can participate in the indulgence of weed ! Go Bama.