Las Vegas Smokiez edibles can be found at Las Vegas dispensaries. There are more and more dispensaries popping up in Las Vegas with some big money behind them. The new dispensaries are buying out old dispensaries and rebranding the dispensary. So these companies purchasing dispensaries and opening new ones are nationwide chains. So it is all good.  Because they offer a very large assortment of weed and pot edibles and smoke. Many times the larger chains can offer some spectacular pricing on products. Because they buy in bulk and can offer better deals.

Where Do I Buy Las Vegas Smokiez Edibles ?

So the Cultivate Dispensary in Vegas is one such chain. So this chain of marijuana dispensaries offer daily deals on edibles and smoke. They have a vary wide array of merchandise. So you can always find what you are looking for. Sometimes there deals are just FANTASTIC !  Recently the Cultivate Dispensary on Spring Mountain ( Near the Strip ) offered 3 bags of Smokiez edibles for $38.00.

So of course for the pure purpose of writing this blog we had to purchase 3 bags of edibles to try them out. Sometimes work is tough and you just have to do it. The Cultivate Dispensary offers a wide assortment of flavors in the Smokiez edibles. It is actually quite impressive how many flavors they offer compared to the Smokiez product line.

The Smokiez edible candy are glutten free and create a nice mellow euphoria. I just use one to help me go to sleep. it takes about 40 minutes for it to take effect. But your results may differ.  If I take 2 of the Smokiez edibles it gets me going. Go figure ? I just use them as a sleep aid and they work so well for that use.

Contact your local Las Vegas marijuana dispensary for more information on this wonderful product.