Smoking pot on the famous Las Vegas strip is illegal. While you can possess marijuana for personal use. Smoking marijuana in public is illegal. The Las Vegas Metro Police ( LVMPD ) is responsible for the enforcement of the law. While the local Police are very accommodating and try to make sure tourists have a good time. It is still illegal to smoke weed in public. The officer has discretion as to whether to issue a ticket or just ask you to put it out. The fine for smoking pot in public can be or include a fine of up to $600.00

So smoking in Las Vegas casinos is also illegal. The casinos are subject to the laws set forth by the Nevada Gaming Board.  So the security at the gambling facilities will ask you to pt out the cannabis.

Possession of Cannabis is Legal in Nevada.

It is legal to possess up to one ounce of weed for personal consumption.  So it is legal to smoke weed for recreational purposes within your own home.  It is not legal to smoke pot or consume weed in public in Clark County.   So recent attempts by Las Vegas city council to license weed lounges has been pushed back for two years. So this was ordered by Nevada Governor Sisolak. For being a liberal governor his actions are puzzling. Nevada taxes weed and makes a lot of money off of it. Why the Governor chose not to allow certain lounges for consumption is puzzling. it would drive tourists to a safe location to try out the different strains.

While people do smoke marijuana on the Las Vegas strip. They are subject to harassment by the Police. Tourists drive the Las Vegas economy and if you do get caught smoking. So we suggest you be courteous to the officer. Kindness goes a long ways.