Las Vegas strip weed smoking is illegal according to to The Las Vegas Metro Police Department. They write on their  LVMPD websiteMarijuana cannot be consumed or smoked in any public place. So that including parks and sporting events. Also moving vehicles and casinos. In addition that includes hotels, concerts and festivals. So even while you are walking down the street. People are not permitted to smoke or consume marijuana in federally subsidized housing. So that means on any federally owned land in the State of Nevada.

Las Vegas Strip Weed Smoking Can Get You in Trouble

So more information about the ramifications of weed smoking can be found here at    Having said that will the Police give you a ticket.  Or just ask you to stop smoking pot. Las Vegas is a open fun filled place to live and party. So while prostitution in illegal in Las Vegas ( Clark County ) there are many magazines offering sex services. So the Police officer will use his judgment as to what action he chooses.

On New Years eve there are hundreds of thousands of people walking the Las Vegas strip. So many times the revelers will be drinking and having open containers. The police officers will simply use their judgment as to what action they will take. This also includes the smoking of marijuana on the Las Vegas strip. The smell of marijuana use is prevalent at festivities. If you smoke purposely right in front of an officer you get what you deserve. Most Police officers are friendly people and just want everybody to have fun. Because Las Vegas is a party place and want the tourists to come and enjoy themselves.

So for further information on smoking, contact the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept and ask them. They will have the latest updates on the law and advise you accordingly.