Las Vegas strip pot consumption illegal. The Police can cite you for smoking or using marijuana on the Las Vegas strip. While pot or weed is very easily obtainable in Las Vegas. It is designed to be consumed at home. The Nevada law reads something like this. In Las Vegas it is illegal to smoke or consume marijuana in publicAlso in in a vehicle, or on any federal land. You may be at risk of a fine or potential jail-time.  If you are stopped by a federal officer of any capacity including United States federal park rangers.  While generally the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. will have you throw the marijuana away or cite you.

Las Vegas Strip Pot Consumption illegal

Las Vegas Strip Pot Consumption Not Legal

If Las Vegas Strip Pot Consumption Illegal, Why Do they Sell it ?

There are many marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas. Many of these pot dispensaries are very close to the Las Vegas strip. Some are just a block off the famous Las Vegas Strip. So some of these dispensaries are also on Las Vegas Blvd.  Just north of Sahara Ave on Las Vegas Blvd past the Stratosphere Casino. These dispensaries are open for the tourists coming into town. So many products for recreational marijuana use are available at very good pricing. The Cultivate Las Vegas lounge is a good example of a local dispensary close to the Las Vegas strip. They offer daily deals on a wide selection of different products.

So unfortunately while you can buy recreational marijuana or weed from the local dispensaries. You are not allowed to consume it legally in your hotel room or vehicle. So this also applies to using marijuana on the Las Vegas strip. Does it happen ? Yes it does and the Police use their judgment as to what course of action they take.