Auburn Alabama medical Pot dispensary  will allow a medical marijuana/weed store. So, with your medical marijuana card, you can locate the closest pot dispensary near you. The Alabama state medical marijuana bill  ( AKA. Compassion Act ) will allow for 27 medical marijuana / weed locations in the state. So weed will not be too far from you. Because Auburn Alabama medical pot dispensary needs to be close by for medically sick patients. There are many medical conditions that qualify you. Qualifying medical conditions will be pain. sickle cell anemia, epilepsy, AIDS, etc that can be found at . So take a look at the site to help you understand what conditions qualify you for medical marijuana use.

When is Auburn Alabama Medical Pot Dispensary be Open For Business?

The Alabama Governor Ivey will be setting up a  marijuana commission so as to help facilitate marijuana sales and products. Once established, Searching Google for Auburn Alabama Medical Pot Dispensary will help you find a dispensary close to you and hopefully recreational marijuana will follow soon. Many other states enjoy medical and recreational weed dispensaries, so why can’t Alabama ! First Medical marijuana. Second recreational marijuana !

Auburn Alabama Doctors will need training and Licensing

Doctors will be getting training in marijuana/weed prescriptions. Doctors will pay a license fee. Medical clinics will be able to sell only certain marijuana products to medical patients. Patients will not be able to vape, use edibles, candies, etc.

What Tax Revenue is Alabama / Auburn going To Receive ? 

There would be a 9% tax on gross sales of medical marijuana products. Businesses licensed to be part of the marijuana industry would pay an annual medical cannabis/marijuana privilege license tax. Tax revenue goes to program costs, Alabama general fund and Medical Cannabis Research Fund. Alabama will make more revenue when it allows recreational Marijuana sales to the general public and tourists. Three reasons to go to Alabama, recreational marijuana, Alabama football and Auburn Tiger football. Go Tigers !

Advocate and speak up for your right of choice to use pot. Contact your local and state or federal politicians so that your voice can be heard loud and clear that you want recreational marijuana as a choice. It is your right. One step at a time.

Go Crimson Tide !