Las Vegas Smokiez marijuana sour watermelon edible review is based on my own experience in Las Vegas. I recently shopped at the local Vegas marijuana dispensaries and purchased some Smokies edibles. So I chose the sour apple and sour watermelon edibles with 100mg THC. Having had sleeping issues and I was told that these Smokiez edibles are great for relaxing. So the Smokiez edibles were on the radar. These edible sour watermelon really helped out. The watermelon THC infused edibles tasted great.

Las Vegas Smokiez Marijuana Sour Watermelon Edible.

The Smokiez sour watermelon fruit edibles tasted very good. I took 1 edible of 100mg of THC and it did the trick. It took about an hour for the effect of the edible. So I slept soundly though the night. The price of the edible fruit chews package was around $20.00. A bargain for a good nights sleep. So there are another 9 pieces left.  ( Smokies fruit edibles come in a packet of 10 edibles ) So the Smokiez bag is resealable. The fruit chews come in many different tastes. I bought the apple flavor and the watermelon package. But with more Las Vegas dispensaries opening their doors. Hopefully there will be a bigger selection of these wonderful edibles.

if you have not visited a Las Vegas dispensary you need to. So there are many wonderful products available from drinks to edibles. Vape pens and rolled joints are also available. All these different products provide a different relief. Medical and recreational marijuana is available to purchase. Some are designed for relaxation and some are designed for energy. The cost of the products is very reasonable and the State of Nevada regulates the weed dispensaries. Many different products are available to meet your medical and recreational needs.

Enjoy your Smokiez edible candies. They certainly helped me and I give them a 5 star review out of 5 stars. The watermelon edibles tasted great.